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I love Programming, Negociation, GROWTH !

Social Connection

Few people understand the importance of the connection between client and technician, the truth is : It's the foundation of durability, the beginning of enrichment.
Also important for me than the technicality


My favorites language is Html5, Css3, PHP.
I learned code at it-akademy school from Lyon (France) and School 42 in Paris (Language C).
I graduated a fast formation equivalent to bac+2 (high school+2 in France), i was internship to Comaxess, a cloud enterprise who makes also websites, and now i want to practice in an other enterprise, for stuff my webskills, and blow up my capacity for growth an enterprise with a team !

Responsive Design

I learned make responsive design with bootstrap, the tools creates by twitter. It's an easy framework with lots of possibily, especially the flex-box.
I can make a website with this tool in a little time, for the quicken request !


My Portfolio

Graphic Design

Startup Framework

Website Design


Website Design


Website Design


Website Design


Website Design

Professionnal career

From the present to the past

  • February to april 2017


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  • November 2016 to february 2017


    Student for learn web language and framework in globality.
    - Html5 - Css3 - Php
    - Javascript - Mysql - Python
    - Wordpress

  • juillet 2014 - septembre 2016

    Volvic water

    Logistic worker at Volvic industries water
    Shipping service sector
    Order dispatcher for international.

  • may 2013 - july 2014


    Self-employment / sales representative
    Vapitude was an e-cig webshop, we were selling customizable electronics cigarettes . My work was to coordinating logistics, satisfied client, and propagate the name of vapitude .

  • 2009 - 2016

    Manpower incorporated

    Interim agent in logitics
    Michelin, Volvic, Jacquet-Limagrain, CSP,
    A.I.A (Atelier Industriel de l'Aéronautique)

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Kay Garland

Lead Designer

Larry Parker

Lead Marketer

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

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